Our Mission

"Our mission is to empower businesses with innovative software solutions that drive growth, efficiency, and success. Through collaboration, creativity, and cutting-edge technology, we aim to exceed client expectations, deliver exceptional value, and make a positive impact in the digital world."

About Greymatrix Tech

Our story

Four friends, alumni of the same university, have pooled their talents and resources to establish a dynamic software company. Drawing upon their diverse skill sets honed during their academic years and beyond, they aspire to innovate and make a significant impact in the tech industry. With a shared vision of creating cutting-edge solutions, they bring together expertise in programming, design, marketing, and business management to form a formidable team ready to tackle the challenges of the digital age.

Their journey begins with a fervent commitment to excellence, fueled by their passion for technology and a deep-seated belief in their collective potential. Leveraging their strong camaraderie forged through years of collaboration and friendship, they embark on this entrepreneurial venture with determination and optimism. With a focus on innovation, integrity, and customer satisfaction, this newly formed software company stands poised to carve out a niche for itself in the competitive landscape, driven by the shared ambition of its founders to leave a lasting mark on the world of technology.

We believe in your success and that big data can help you achieve the best results for your business, regardless of your field or target market.



Qualified employees

Not only is our team full of professionals – we're a fun bunch, too.

Projects delivered

Last year, we successfully completed over 100 individual projects worldwide.

Key industries

We have specialist experience in a handful of industries.


Who are we

Software Engineers

We craft visually stunning, user-friendly websites and mobile apps tailored to clients' needs, using the latest tech for seamless functionality across devices, boosting online presence and engagement.

Quality Assurance Team

We prioritize quality assurance (QA) to ensure software reliability and performance, using rigorous testing to meet industry standards and client needs, driving business success.

Maintenance and Support

We provide maintenance for applications to run smoothly, with timely updates and proactive monitoring, we minimize disruptions, maximizing productivity and fostering client satisfaction.

UI/UX and Graphic Design

We create visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces for software applications, prioritizing user engagement and satisfaction while aligning with business goals.

Why choose us?

Global experience

We have worked with multinational companies, as well as smaller businesses from all continents.

We believe in your success and that big data can help you achieve the best results for your business, regardless of your field or target market.

Quality for value

Our motto is to provide only the highest quality to our clients, no matter the circumstances.

Favorable terms

Each project we work on is tailored to the particular client's exact needs, not the other way around.

High standards

We take data seriously, meaning that we only deliver work that we can be proud of.

Happy clients

Don't just take our word for it – our clients frequently stay in touch with us and work with us on future projects that require big data insights.

John Bjerrand

I work in agricultural consulting, meaning that we often need to use big and complex datasets to justify expensive investments for our clients. Lilo's consultants helped us see the big picture with their visualization tools and expertise.

Anna Claudio

As the in-house supplier manager, it's sometimes had to understand which manufacturers work best for our needs. Lilo's data analysis helped us identify where we could save and which manufacturers worked the best for us in the long term.

Contact us

Whether you have a request, a query, or want to work with us, use the form below to get in touch with our team.